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About us

In the Hungarian market Szarvasi is a distinguished name.These coffe machines make good coffee and they are enduring and they have spare parts and carafes that can be replaced anytime.

Szarvasi Vas- és Fémipari Zrt was made in 1952. Originally it was made as a small-scale cooperative at Szarvas in Békés county. The public limited company with only Hungarian owners started in 1988.

This company has made coffee makers since 1970.

The company has been the member of MagyarBrands since 2009.

My enterprise have attended to electronic commerce since 2013. Since then we try to serve our customers perfectly. I made this website in 2017, when I realized that there are demand for coffee percolator parts and for coffee carafes so we made this page so costumers can easily and fastly replace their coffee machine’s missing parts or get themselves a new Szarvasi coffe maker.

In 2019 there were news about how the factory went bankrupt and the production stopped. Unfortunately Vasipari Zrt. really went bankrupt and stopped production but another company continued the production.

Currently I run another webshops, where I also sell coffee makers and their parts and other technical products and if someone needs we can get other products too. If you have any individual wishes feel free to let me know, because I am ready to help.

 If you need any help write to me to this email adress: kavefozowebaruhaz@gmail.com